Jenna Today 2012: Grateful and Happy

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Jenna Today: “Gifting” Back to Help Children in Need

Jenna Today 2012

Jenna in Therapy at Scottish Rite Hospital

Jenna in Therapy at Scottish Rite Hospital

Jenna with her Doll


Jenna as Newborn

Newborn Jenna

JJ&B’s Gifted Gifts Foundation

Mission Statement: JJ&B’s Gifted Gifts Foundation a non-profit, non-partisan foundation that “gifts” back to help children in need. We want to make the world a better place through “gifting” back to children.

My name is Jenna Martin. I am the Founder and CEO of JJ&B’s Gifted Gifts Foundation Inc. I am 12 years old and I have cerebral palsy. I was a micro preemie born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 7 oz. I’ve been blessed to have had so many people involved in my life to help me get through some major physical disabilities.

This year, a week before my 12th birthday, my father asked me what I wanted as a gift. I told him I had everything I needed, food, shelter, clothes and a loving family. So I told him any gifts I receive for my birthday I wanted to “gift” them back to the children at Scottish Rite Hospital - because I know how bad it feels to be in the hospital.

My foundation name means so much to me because it personal. J is for Jenna, the other J is for Jessica (she is my twin who passed away 12 hours after she was born) and B is for Brianna (this is my sister that passed away years ago). My foundation's motto is: “We 'gift' back”.